We recognise that good environmental performance is fundamental to successful business.

We conduct our business in a way that, as far as reasonably practicable, minimises adverse effects on the environment. We aim to identify factors that affect the environment and to plan our activities accordingly.

We also believe that our business will benefit from our proactive policy, which is based on prevention rather than reaction.

We have adopted the principles and requirement of the Site Waste Management Regulations 2008 and benchmark our waste materials against current industry standards. Our core message is to minimise waste generation at source, including reuse and recycling where cost effective and practical.

Sustainability in construction and engineering is vital in all aspects of Wellingtons developments. We go beyond meeting the minimum requirements of Legislation, and instead continue to develop ways to adopt involving sustainable technologies. We achieve this by continuing re-investment in our staff and resources, enabling our employees to embrace the most modern methods of construction offering them opportunities to develop their skills within the company.

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