Mobbs Way, Oulton Broad

Mobbs Way, Oulton Broad, Suffolk

Start Date: March 2017
Completion Date: November 2017
Construction Value: £1.1 million
Location: Oulton Broad, Suffolk
Sustainability: Commercial



Client: Wolseley Business Park Ltd
Local Authority: Waveney District Council
Project Manager: n/a
Architect: ASD Architecture
Consulting Engineer: Armstrong Elliot Consulting



At a time of economic uncertainty, developing speculative industrial buildings is a question of delivering value - and the project at Mobbs Way in Oulton Broad, Suffolk is an object lesson in value engineering.

The client brief was to build nine light industrial units which could then be sold or let, within a tight budget, and with the right square footage to make the speculative development commercially viable.

Wellington worked with a steel-frame building specialist to design and build the units.  Adopting a ruthless value engineering mindset,  and avoiding any architectural ‘fripperies’ (but nevertheless tipping the hat to the vernacular of the existing buildings on the site), the project was delivered on time and on budget, and the units are indeed being taken up by freehold occupiers and lessees, delivering the commercial return which the client was seeking.

Mobbs Way Oulton Broad 1

Mobbs Way Oulton Broad 3

Mobbs Way Oulton Broad 2